Not yet

Blake has an ingrown toenail. Given his risk of infections right now, the oncologist wanted to see him on Tuesday. He put Blake on a strong antibiotic and tested his blood.  His counts are all great. He then set up the following new plan:

  • Monday, November 5th: Methotrexate, (Yellow Slime).  We'll report directly to the floor, as his blood is great. We anticipate he'll be in until Friday or Saturday. Hopefully, NO mouth sores.
  • Monday, November 12th: Last dose of Doxorubicin (Red Punch). That was a two day stay the last time. Which means that we'd get a two week break most of the week before and week of Thanksgiving.  Which would be pretty awesome.  All of us have no school the entire week of Thanksgiving.

As we've seen too often lately, these plans often have to change. But hopefully this part will stay intact. It would mean a nice turkey break and only two treatments left between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Due to Blake's increased weakness and struggles with keeping his counts, his oncologist has recommended no crowds until we are done. So no church or other group activities for a while.