We've been home for over a week. It's been nice, but Blake has had pain in his joints on and off throughout the week. It wakes him up in the morning and he been taking a prescription narcotic he had left over to deal with the pain. We haven't been worried, since the pain has been all over the place: both knees, both elbows, and both hips. Stretching seems to help and our friend Carol helped with that. As did a phone call from his physical therapist at the hospital.

Christmas Day, Jennifer took a bunch of food to Blake's floor at the hospital. While she was there, she asked several nurses about Blake's pain. They all confirmed that it is fairly common to have about a month of joint pain after finishing one of his particular chemos. This is a great relief. We're not sure why none of the oncologists mentioned this, but it is good to finally know that this is typical and finite.

In more traditional Christmas news, we had a great Christmas Eve with Jen's side of the family.  The whole gang is buying each other Disneyland Annual Passes for presents, so there wasn't much to open. But the food was great and we had a very nice evening. We started with the early service at our church.

Christmas Day was low-key. Just the 5 of us hanging out all day. Victoria and I have a new book, which is the best way to keep us happy. Jen bought a bunch of Mythbusters bobble-heads and signs, so that was a hit.

Hopefully Blake's energy level continues to increase and his pain decreases. Once his stamina has increased, we'll head off to buy our Disneyland passes!

Merry Christmas to all!