This morning Blake got a full body bone scan.  This involves getting a shot that makes you radioactive after a few hours.  Then they scan your whole body.  We were quite disappointed that the radioactivity gave him no super powers and he didn't glow a nice bright green.  We are VERY excited to hear that the scan showed no other "hot spots".  His shin lights up like a sparkler on the scan, but fortunately no where else.  This is good news.  Whatever is happening is still just in the one place.

The bummer news of the day is that his pain is on the rise.  It woke him up at 4am and has been increasing through the day.  We got a prescription for a stronger pain medication and are still working on figuring out timing and dosage so his pain is manageable.

 You can be praying that we can figure out his pain management and that we can figure out how to time his pain pills with his procedure in the morning.

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