Dr. Zuckerman

Jen, Mary (Grandma) and Blake met with Dr. Zuckerman today.  He's the orthopedic oncologist specialist who will operate on Blake's leg around the middle of June.  The appointment was very positive.  He took an X-ray and is happy at how the tumor is reacting to the chemo!

He also spent a great deal of time explaining different surgery options to save Blake's leg.  Amputation is a possibility.  But he took the time to tell us about all the different methods he can use to save Blake's leg.  There will be a MRI about two weeks prior to surgery.  At that time we will discuss the best option considering the condition of Blake's tibea.  It was encouraging to hear about how many various techniques there are for repairing the damage.

Blake continues to be very brave.  He asked the doctor a number of questions himself and Dr. Zuckerman was helpful and explained things.  We're very proud of our son and the character he's showing under adversity!

I'm dying to ask Zuckerman about his famous pig.  Do I dare?  You can add your advice in the comments.