Looking back and looking forward

Blake met with his oncologist Tuesday.  He continues to be pleased that the chemo appears to be working.  Here's a synopsis of what's been happening and where we're headed.

Blake has received four doses of chemo.  They are hopefully killing the tumor in his left shin.  Each dose of chemo is given over two days in the hospital after which there are a couple of more days of rehabilitation before Blake goes home.

On Tuesday, June 5th and the following Tuesday on the 12th, Blake will get his next two doses (given that his immunity is strong enough, no fever, etc...).  This will be the Yellow Slime.  It has less nausea, but can cause mouth sores.  So far Blake has managed to avoid getting mouth sores.  

The last time he received Yellow Slime, it leaked into the fluid around his lungs and he had quite a bit of pain and trouble breathing.  This is a very rare side-effect and the doctor doesn't know if it will happen again.  He did say that he will treat Blake with steroids if it does occur again.  It is good to know that there is a plan in place.  But given that Yellow Slime is going to be his most frequent chemo, we're obviously praying that this leakage does not happen again.

Sometime during those two chemos, Blake will get a MRI.  This will be used to decide what type of "limb salvage" surgery will be used.  Surgery will be about a week after the chemos.  Possibilities include using cadaver bones, using a piece of his fibula, amputation and more.  

One week after surgery, more chemo will ensue.  The roadmap schedule has 12 post-surgical chemos that will take us up to the end of October.  Hopefully by Halloween/Thanksgiving we can have a big Remission Party!!!  When we were at the oncologist on Tuesday, we heard him say to a patient (who had a full head of hair) "See you in a year."  We pray for an appointment like that!!!