This round

Chemo went in late Wednesday night. Thursday was nausea day. Late Thursday night a second drug started that chases out the chemo. He gets the chaser every 3 hours. On Friday he was eating again. They monitor the chemo levels to make sure it's leaving. At first it was leaving a bit slow, but then it picked up pace and should be gone by Monday morning. They also monitor his kidney function carefully and that is doing well. So that's all good.

But Saturday the side-effect started again with the lung pain and difficulty in taking deep breaths. Blake is very thankful that there was a plan in place for this side-effect. At around midnight they started giving him steroids. And pain meds. As of Sunday morning, his breathing is still fairly shallow and he is still requesting pain meds. But he is thankful that the steroids have already started. Please pray that they will work and that he can go home Monday. His next chemo is Wednesday and he would like to have a few days at home.

Update: Just had an encouraging talk with the doctors. The current treatment Is working and they hope he can go home Monday morning. Next time they want to give an anti-nausea med that has a steroid in it. That way they proactively counter-act this lung problem. The journey continues.