A small delay

On Thursday, there was no room in the inn. So we waited all day. At 7pm, we got the call to come in. Chemo was hung (Yellow Slime) at 11am on Friday. As usual, Blake's body doesn't seem to be in huge rush to get rid of it. We're guessing he won't get cleared until Wednesday. If that happens, it sounds like they wouldn't send him home at all; they would just move right along to the dose of Red Punch that's due. We're hoping that means he would be done and home by Saturday. So all in all, it would be a trade off: in a day late, no break, home a day earlier than expected.? Then a break for a week and a half or so.

His bone scan and chest ct look fine. The nodule in his lung has changed by another mm, but they aren't worried. His leg was X-rayed again and Monday we'll hear from the surgeon if he can start walking again. Here's a photo of his legs. His left leg clearly needs some exercise!?