Back to School

Blake had 3 days of school last week. They went fine. Security is extra helpful. And they kind of need to be. The oncologist still wants Blake driven from class to class in a cart. And he's not allowed to lift heavy weights with his left arm and he uses his cane with his right arm, so he needs security to carry his backpack for the first 3 weeks. They have come through completely and been awesome. 

Blake is quite tired at the end of the day. His entire torso just feels kind of sore. He usually takes an afternoon nap. He's sticking pretty much to Tylenol, but is using a bit of his special "lollipops" in the evenings. His stamina should increase over the next month. 

He had his leg X-rayed on Friday and will see his orthopedic surgeon on Monday. We're getting good at looking at these scans. The bottom looks great and the cadaver bone and his bone have largely fused. EDIT! The top looking better. We can see some bone growth in the gap where fusion has been slow. We're curious to hear what the surgeon thinks. To our eyes, it looks encouraging.

Prayers for stamina, healing and strength appreciated.