Much news

Blake got his 3-month scans on last Tuesday. Today we got the news: All Clear! This is great news. We have another 3-month scan scheduled for May. And cardiology and orthopedic to meet with fairly soon. Physical therapy continues to decrease. Although Blake's learning the hard way that if he doesn't exercise his leg, his pain increases. That is probably our biggest current goal: exercise! (and learn to drive!)

In non-medical news, Blake got admitted to California College of the Arts in the Bay Area. And they offered him a scholarship that is close to half tuition. We're still waiting to hear from Cal Arts.

Finally, Blake was invited to submit a piece of art to our friend's gallery. Kim operates The Greenly Art Space, which is a non-profit art gallery. The theme of the current exhibit is birds. Blake was required to put his piece for sale, which he did with reluctance, as he really liked his origami creation. Well for better or for worse, the piece sold this week.