It begins

On Saturday Blake drove to Cal Arts with Jennifer and I followed in a van full of Blake's belongings. We arrived at 9:30 am to a very helpful bunch of greeters who checked Blake in and loaned us a dolly. Within a few hours, his room was loaded up, drawers full of clothes, desk set up, sheets on the bed, bookcases all full. A run to Target and a local grocery store and everything was set up.

Blake's roommate is a jazz bass player named Giancarlo. He is a very nice young man and he and Blake went out for dinner on their first night there.

There is a full week of various orientation activities scheduled. His course work includes History of Animation (required full year course) and Animation Workshop. His dorm is right next to the building where Experimental Animation majors have individual working spaces. Almost all classes on campus are in one large building directly across from the dorm--Disney's vision was to have all the different types of artists interacting in one big building together. On the ground floor of the main building is Room A113

This is clearly a very exciting and emotional transition. Your prayers are appreciated. Our house feels a bit too empty. Prayers for Blake are appreciated as he gets used to independence and figures out how to do this whole thing called college.