Five years

Let's get to the most important thing first:

Blake is now five years free of all cancer!!!

We are so very happy and thankful. He had his regular scans and his bones and lungs are all clear! We believe this means he will switch to annual scans, but we'll know for sure when he sees his oncologist again in a few weeks.

He did have an extra MRI which revealed a bit more osteo-necrosis in the top of his right femur (bone death caused by the steroids). And his pulmonologist diagnosed with mild COPD-his lungs are not taking in quite enough oxygen. He is now using an inhaler each morning. There are more appointments regarding these issues in the next month-we would appreciate your prayers. All those treatments killed the cancer, but left some damage in their wake.

Blake will be a senior at Cal Arts in fall. He has been spending most of his summer working on his senior thesis film. More on that to follow! Today and yesterday he received a phone call from one his professors who is working on a film. So he's driven into Hollywood and is helping on a feature film that he cannot say one word about. We have been so pleased with the opportunities that Cal Arts has opened up for him.

If you'd like to see Blake's progress as an artist/stop-motion animator, you can check out his website at Or you can follow him on Instagram @pointblakevideos. 

Thanks for your support, kind words, and prayers. I promise more posts throughout this school year, so check back from time to time.