Stats in the news

I think I'm going to try a project with news articles. Here's the second draft. I'd love feedback. My current plan is to give them seven weeks.

Pick three articles. For each article, you will complete the following items:

  • Title of article
  • URL of article (do NOT print entire article)
  • Two quotes from the article that use statistical language. For each quote, indicate a rough location. This might be a page number, a paragraph number, a time marker (for video) or a rough description (e.g., about one-third of the way through).
  • A summary of the article (which may include your two quotes).
  • Pick two statistical words from the article and define them, both in general and describe how they are used in the article (these words may be in your quotes).
  • A critique: do you agree or disagree with the conclusion of the article? Why or why not?

Find a cool graph. A graph that is creative and is more than a regular graph we have seen in class. Ideas for your description of the graph and instructions:

  • If you can get the graph into your document, that would be great.
  • If not, a link is fine. Just make sure it works.
  • What are the variables in the graph?
  • Why do you think the graph is or isn't effective?
  • What does the graph communicate?

Here is an example of a great graph. This is my find. You find your own! 

This assignment may ONLY be submitted digitally. ONLY. I want to be able to click on the links in your project. You need to submit your project to the locker associated with this assignment. Not to my general locker. 

Title your project with your first and last name. I don't need 50 files called "stats project"!

I will provide you with a few sample articles. You will need to find a couple for yourself.

I am happy to proof-read one article ahead of time. Can turn in a digital copy and I'll reply within a couple of days. Or you can bring in a physical copy to tutoring and I'll read it and give you feedback on the spot.

You could easily procrastinate on this project. But you will have a higher chance of success if you don't.  Please check your ability to find and upload to this assignment locker before February 28th, 1:15am. Given the large amount of time you have to complete this project, any late work will be penalized--regardless of illnesses, school activities, or absences.

Sample articles (you may use only one of these): (pick one).