Dear AP Statistics Colleague...

      Recently part of my Day Job has been the analysis of test data, and the presentation of results to and for teachers.   I have written a computer program to accomplish this, and in the spring of 2008 some of you offered your students’ test results in a trial run of this software.  I am very pleased to announce that this program is now ready for AP Statistics teachers to take advantage of.

      The purpose of the analysis provided by these programs is to provide diagnostic information about AP Statistics students’ performance on the released AP Statistics multiple-choice exams.  These released tests are similar in structure and content to what their students will take in May.   The analysis performed by my program is based on something each of us is familiar with:  a control group.   Each teacher’s students are compared to “everyone else’s students” and the program provides some indication of where the students may be relatively weak and relatively strong by comparison.   The reporting is both by individual item and by “strand”, e.g. Data Analysis, Inference, Probability, etc.   The idea is that armed with this information an AP Statistics teacher can structure a review for the AP Exam with sharper focus on his or her students’ relatively weaker achievement areas.  (For the really in-the-know item analyzers, there is even a logistic regression (2-parameter IRT) analysis of the behavior of the item distracters so you can see which incorrect answers your students were nibbling on.)

    Essentially, to take advantage of these programs you provide your students’ answers to one or more of the released multiple choice exams in an Excel format and e-mail the file to me -- I will take it from there.  A more complete description of the program input and output can be found by downloading the files below.  Just right click on the file of your choice and choose “Save as...”.

I invite you to give this analysis a try!   


Chris Olsen                                                                                                                    


Download:  APStat.Intro2Analysis.doc