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8. Not wanting to risk poor sales for a new soda flavor, a company decides to run one more taste test on potential customers, this time requiring a higher approval rating than they had for earlier tests. This higher standard of proof will increase

I. the risk of Type I error      II. the risk of Type II error      III. power

A) II only         B) I only           C) III only       D) I and II       E) I and III


9. Which is true about a 98% confidence interval for a population proportion based on a given sample?

I.    We are 98% confident that other sample proportions will be in our interval.

II. There is a 98% chance that our interval contains the population proportion.

III. The interval is wider than a 95% confidence interval would be.

A) None          B) I only          C) II only        D) III only       E) I and II


10. A statistics professor wants to see if more than 80% of her students enjoyed taking her class. At the end of the term, she takes a random sample of students from her large class and asks, in an anonymous survey, if the students enjoyed taking her class. Which set of hypotheses should she test?

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