Mock exam

FYI, our mock exam was the 2015 exam and you can find the rubric here. Thing we learned from this test:

  1. Use the statistical words we have learned to answer questions.
  2. If asked yes or no, start your answer "yes" or "no". Also remember that increases the sample size by X times decreases the margin of error by sqrt(X).
  3. Show work! Do NOT round expected value (1.73 ATM's. NOT 2.).
  4. Use the wording of the question and do not use past-tense to describe a parameter. Checking the independence condition is wrong for an experiment.
  5. Frequency means counts.
  6. "Sampling Distribution of Sample Means"--so dang simple man! Just state a center, shape, and spread.

Other tips:

  • Don't feel pressure to fill all the provided space.
  • Reading the whole problem before you answer the first part is often a great choice.