4/9 (or 4/11)

Today we reviewed inference. We completed a 1-prop z-test (B-5), a matched pairs t-test (A-5), and a chi-square 2-way table test (C-2). All of these questions are fair game for Friday's quiz.

Study L-2, super six version!

A few discussion points:

  • Defining the parameter in words is risky. You're best off using only symbols in the Ho/Ha and then careful wording in the conclusion.
  • You need the name OR the formula. Don't write the formula unless you know it is right. And don't write the formula with symbols (too much can go wrong). If you write the formula, just plug in the numbers.
  • Speaking of plugging in the numbers, you must do this on the conditions. Example:
    • n > 30 (not full credit)
    • 50 > 30 (full credit!)