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AP Statistics Resources

Q:  Where do I start?

A:  Go to the AP Stats Course Home page and download the course description and teacher’s guide.  While you’re there, subscribe to the Electronic discussion group (further down the page).  Then go the exam home and print or save the released Free Response Questions.  Use them as you teach.  And get the resource guide that goes with your textbook.  It will help your pace. 


Q: How do I get the secure 2012 released Multiple Choice?

A: You need to be careful, as you might be signed into the discussion forum instead of the audit website. Here are some steps that work on CollegeBoard's website as of March, 2013:

  • o to The Audit Sign In Page.
  • Sign in!
  • Click "Secure Documents" on the lower left
  • You will see the 2012 "secure" multiple choice


Don't orget that the Instructional Planning Reports will also be on the audit page. VERY useful documents! 


Q:  What textbook is the best?

A:  Here are textbooks discussed and recommended on the list:

Stats--Modeling the World by Bock, Velleman and DeVeaux (BVD) (new 4th edition!)

Statistics: Learning from Data; AP Edition by Peck, Olsen (Search for Peck)

Workshop Statistics by Rossman and Chance (also see Al Coons page for information on this text)

Statistics in Action by Watkins, Schaeffer and Cobb (WSC)

The Practice of Statistics by Starnes, Tabor, Yates, and Moore (TPS) (new 5th edition!)

List contributors consistently recommend that you obtain a copy of all of these texts and then examine them to see which fits your style and your students the best.


Q:  What are good review books?

A:  Here are the discussed review books:

•Bohan, AP Statistics: Preparing for the AP Examination (has not been updated for some time)

•Carroll, Carver, Peters, and Ricks, Preparing for the Statistics AP Exam

•Hinders, 5 Steps to a 5 on the AP: Statistics

•Allwood, Michael, AP Statistics Examination (D&S Marketing)

•Sternstein, How to Prepare for the AP Statistics Exam (email Anne Realmuto at for a free copy!  You can email the author at with questions and typos.)

*Moleskey, Jason, Strive for a 5 Guide, available only from publisher with TPS purchase.

•Robin Levine-Wissing and David W. Thiel, The Best Test Preparation for the AP Statistics Exam

In general, teachers seem happy with all of them.  You're probably best off picking a book based on the amount of practice tests vs. topic exposition you prefer.

(Links to these books quickly fade, so I generally don't bother.  A quick google search will show you purchase information on these titles.)


Q:  What are some good books for students to read (perhaps for summer homework)?

A:  Lee Kucera posted a great list you can download. The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver is also a brilliant read.


Q:  Where are the summer workshops?

A:  Al Coons keep a list here.  Click on Workshops in the lower corner.


Q:  What software should I buy?

A:  This is not simple!  A few ideas:


Fathom is software for teaching statistics.  It is interactive, dynamic and great demonstrating things for students.  It has lots of pre-made teacher tools and is also strong at showing simulations. However, it has been recently discarded by its publisher. The creator is trying to find a new outlet. Stay tuned.

Minitab and JMP are professional statistical analysis packages.  If you want your students to DO statistics on a computer, this is your choice.  You can demonstrate things with these packages, also.  But demonstrations are not generally pre-made and thus take more work on your part. is a good option for analysis.  It is web-based, HTML5 software.  That means anywhere students log-in, they can run the software.  Students can answer surveys, share data and results, join groups, and more.  There is also now a mobile version at  This version works on iOS and Android devices.  You can tap on graphs and interact with them and resize them.

ActivStats is software that includes both a teaching/learning component with DataDesk (statistical analysis software) built in.

•Bob Hayden has posted some great advice here.

•Tablet software?  So far it appears that Statcrunch (read above in the statcrunch entry) and JMP are working in that direction.  As more options are developed, I'll try to keep the list updated.  There is an AP review app you can download here by Eric Kean.


Q:  What are some good websites?

A:  Here some sites to get you going:

•ASA has a great site and another about careers.  Here's a pdf with info.

Randy Bailey

Ruth Carver

Beth Chance

Al Coons

Jared Derksen

Michelle Krummel

Robin Lock

Jason Molesky: Stats Monkey.  LOTS of great stuff here!!!

•Chris Olsen has put some useful files here.

Stu Schwartz

Sanderson Smith

Josh Tabor (who teaches on block schedule--his thoughts on block, here)

•More thoughts on block here!

Steve Willott

Joseph Vignolini