Here are the resources from my talks. If there is any resource missing, please send me an email and I'll add it to the page. 

You can access the handouts from my talk as well as a large number of other files at (Dropbox link).

As we talk about so many amazing websites, I am starting to build a page of links at:

Sacramento-July 15-18, 2019

I have a new code for digital access to Barron’s. This one is supposed to work! Email me if you’d like the code.

Also, Barron’s said they fixed the order and sent the books to Sac State. I asked Samantha Stone in the Continuing Education office to keep the books so that locals can drop by and grab some. So if you live nearby and want to do this, she should have them by next week. You could call the office before you drive over and double-check. It would be a shame if they don’t find a good home.

Tacoma-July 8-11, 2019

What a great week. Thanks so much.

Someone asked for a correlation vs causation site. Here’s a fun one.

Chengdu, China-March 9 & 10, 2019

Wow! Thanks for the amazing hospitality!

SanMateo-Jan 26, 2019

Thanks for a great day!

SanBernardino-Fall for Math-Sept 15

Here’s the handout. Topic: Free software for teaching statistics.

Houston-APAC-July 22

Thanks for a nice day together. I don't think there were any extra requested resources. If you need anything, please drop me a line!

Sacramento-APSI-July 16-19, 2018

You all worked really hard this week. Thanks for being such an enjoyable group.

Some of you asked for my presentation slides. I exported them to PowerPoints and put them in a folder on the Dropbox called "PowerPoints". They are originally Keynote files. If you would prefer those, please send me an email.

Denver-APSI-July 9-12, 2018

Thanks for a great week! We were small, but mighty! 

CMC-Palm Springs-Oct 27

Random Samples in Stats

To find the handouts and 44 clean data sets from this talk, go to and grab the folder entitled Random Samples.

CMC-Palm Springs-Nov 4, 5

San Antonio-June 25-28

Denver-June 11-14

Long Beach-June 20-23

Moreno Vally-November 14th

CMC-Palm Springs-November 5th

Los Angeles-October 24th

San Antonio-July 27-30

Dallas-July 21-24

Denver-July 14-17

Boston-April 17th

Hong Kong-January 31st & February 1st-AP Stats

La Jolla-November 15th-AP Stats

LAUSD at UCLA-November 8

Palm Springs-CMC-South-October 25

Arkansas-Fayetteville-June 22-25

Denver-June 14-17

Las Cruces-June 2-6

Alaksa-May 27-30

New Orleans-April 10, 2014

Los Angeles-February 8th, 2014

Asilomar-December 3rd, 2013

Palm Springs-November 2nd, 2013