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The AP Test

Q:  What topics are on the test?

A:  Here’s the official course description (link on top of the page).

Also note the new Teacher’s Guide!  Sample syllabii and so much more!


Q:  Are students allowed 2 calculators during the test?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Are highlighters allowed during the test?

A:  No.  (ETS’ rationale (we think):  it would make cheating easier.)


Q:  Are calculator memories cleared before the test?

A:  No. 

Here is the official calculator policy and here is an article I wrote for College Board about this issue. 

This means that it is up to the teacher to discourage the typing of crib-notes into the calculator.  While this is not ideal, it is the best we have.  Especially given that some extra programs are allowed (keep reading).


Q:  What extra programs are allowed?

A:  Any program that exists on another legal calculator.

•CatalogHelp, a handy program for the 83/84 is very helpful and legal.  It tells students what order to type in the variables into commands like normalcdf.  The latest version of the TI-84 operating system incorporated a feature called Stats Wizard that improves the menus.  

•Programs like t-inverse and chi-square goodness-of-fit are legal because they are on the 84+, but not on the 83.


Q:  What about the formula sheets?

A:  They are provided for the whole exam:  multiple choice and free response.


Q:  How do I get the old exams?

A:  The free response problems are online here.  The 2002 and 2007 multiple choice questions must be purchased.  You can download the full '97 exam and audit exam for free.  


Q:  How can I see the FR questions by topic?

A:  AP Central has one, I have another.  Dave Thiel wrote a  document that includes all FR, all MC, even the 08 audit exam!: AP Stat Exam to Topic Correlation 2008.pdf


Q:  What’s the scoop on the extra practice exam provided through the audit?

A:  It’s hard!  Use the cut-scores from the ’07 exam, or maybe even a little more generous!  And don’t trust it to be secure.  The exam has been out for  a few years, so the answers are “out there”.  Your best bet is to not tell students which exam you will use for a practice test.  The most recent advice from the list is that the MC are useful and good, but that the FR are not well written.  You might consider using a different set of FRQ's for a practice exam.  There are lots!