Monday night eating resumed.  By 3:30pm on Tuesday, 5 Derksens were home together.  It is amazing how joyful these small celebrations have become. Even Dodger seems to appreciate having all of us together.

On Thursday, Blake will go see Dr. Bedros.  He received no chemo at this last stay.  It was only pain and nutrition maintenance regarding the mouth sores.  He also received a unit of platelets. His body's ability to produce healthy blood is not like it was, due to all the chemo.  Hopefully his mouth will be sufficiently healed and his blood at good levels so he can go get his last dose of Red Punch.  Last time that took only 48 hours total.

They moved the next Yellow Slime to the end.  So we will finish up with 3 methotrexates in a row. They may have to space them out a bit to prevent mouth sores. We're sure praying that we've seen the last of these mouth sores. But we've been told that once they start, they're more likely to recur.