Up, up and away

Blake went in for chemo on Tuesday afternoon and came home on Thursday afternoon.  If that sounds like the shortest stay ever, you're right!  This is what happens now that the Red Punch is one type of chemo only.  

Blake worked for quite a while with the physical therapist today.  She taught him how to use one crutch and climb the stairs.  No more scooting up and down the stairs!  This is another exciting milestone towards normalcy.

We'll go back to the clinic on Thursday to see if he can get more chemo.  A nurse practitioner explained to us that his body will regenerate healthy blood more slowly, as his bone marrow has been through so many months of chemo.  So we hope that we can continue at a good pace, but realize that delays are almost certainly part of finishing up.

We're all tired.  Prayers for a restful and restorative weekend are appreciated.