The beginning

Blake received X-rays for a painful shin on Friday.  It was clear even to our novice eye that there was something cloudy in the picture around the point of pain.  Our good friend Mike Coen called in a radiology consult.  He confirmed that the area didn't look good.  Mike immediately took they following steps of action:

Blood work was drawn on Friday afternoon.  Mike called that evening with the results.  Everything was pretty normal.  Which is good.  His white-blood cell count is not elevated.  His infection markers were slightly elevated, but only by a little.  Mike also checked some of Blake's lymph nodes and none were swollen.  That is good news.

A MRI will take place Sunday evening.

A bone scan will be done on Monday.

Blake was referred to Dr. Zuckerman at Loma Linda.  He is an orthodpedic oncologist.  Blake will see him either Monday or Thursday next week.

All your prayers are much appreciated.