Another doctor visit

We met with Dr. Bedros yesterday and everything went well.  Blake's oncologist continues to be so very patient and a great listener.  He chatted with Blake for quite some time about his robotic competition and enjoyed hearing about the team's success.

In medical news, we found out that none of Blake's current pains are unusual or worrisome (his right foot hurts from doing all the walking, his scalp hurts a bit due to the hair follicles dying, his left foot hurts due to the location of the tumor).  His pain has overall been minimal and he hasn't needed any of his pain meds.  Blake's blood also showed normal levels for this point of his treatment.

We also found out that his next round of chemo will probably have less nausea.  We knew that he was getting a different type of chemo, but it was good news to hear this second type is less intense.  Apparently mouth sores are the more frequent side-effect with this second type (we know the medical names of these treatments, but I really think they're going to need some nicknames soon) so he will receive medication to help prevent that.  

The upcoming schedule runs like this:

  • Thursday, April 26th:  Check into LomaLinda for chemo type #2.  Hopefully go home after 3 or 4 days.
  • Thursday, May 3rd:  Repeat
  • Thursday, May 10th:  Repeat, but this time back to chemo type #1

Thanks for all your prayers!  Our God gives generously and is the giver of all good things.