It still hasn't started.  We hear that Thursday morning should finally be the beginning.  Once that happens, a calendar kicks into gear.  Thursday should mark Day 1, Week 1.  

He will receive two different chemicals in this round of chemo.  One will take only 4 hours to administer (by IV) and the other 48 hours (also IV).  Once they start, the staff will start monitoring four different numbers in his blood.  And helping minimize all symptoms.  A nurse explained to us tonight that they have MANY different anti-nausea medications and they are very creative at counter-acting that dreaded side effect.  When Blake's symptoms are under control and the counts in his blood are sufficiently high, he gets to go home.  How quickly that will be depends on how he reacts to these chemicals.  Everyone reacts differently.

His roadmap has his second round of chemo scheduled for week 4.  So the plan would be that he receives round two on Thursday, April 28th.  With a similar schedule of two days of administering the chemo and monitoring of side effects and watching numbers.

Looking further ahead, he is scheduled for weeks 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10.  Each week would start on Thursday. 

More later.  Thanks for the prayers.  Blake's spirits have been fairly high and we're all impressed by how brave he is in the face of this disease.