All in

The first round of chemo is all in.  It turns out that one type goes in for four hours, the other for eight.  So it took two half days to get it all in.  The chemos he's getting are light-sensitive, so that's why the bags are shrouded.

The anti-nausea medicines are doing their jobs.  So far no real nausea.  Although one of the medicines can make you a bit grumpy and yesterday that was the case for a chunk of the day.  He didn't really want to eat much and wasn't in the best of spirits.  Certainly understandable!  After an afternoon nap, his spirits rose and he ate some dinner.  His aunt Stefani has been cranking out one of his favorites:  Pasties (a savory meat pie of Michigan origins!)  He's been enjoying them.

Now they'll start monitoring certain counts and we hope to go home........  Some day.  Soon?  No promises.  So we wait and pray.  The next chemo will be April 26th.  Not sure what day they would admit.  

Good news!  Blake has been cleared to attend the world robotic competition in Anaheim that his team qualified for!  We look forward to that event on April 19-21!  He'll be in a wheel chair and wearing a mask, but he gets to go!

Please pray.  We pray for a quick release in the next day or two.  We pray for Blake's safety between now and when they operate on his leg.  It is very fragile right now.  Dr. Bedross clarified yesterday that he is to put no weight on it until the surgery in 10 weeks.

Easter is upon us!  We cling to this hope in a time of need.