One more day

Blake's Yellow Slime (Methatrexate for the medically inclined) is at 0.23.  That means Monday morning it should definitely be below 0.1 and they'll send him home.

His leg really looks spectacular.  There is virtually no rise at the point of the tumor anymore.  That is so encouraging.  I also had a nurse tell me that the absence of pain is another good sign.  We had been attributing the lack of pain to the change of using crutches and not putting any weight on the leg.  But apparently if the chemo isn't working, the pain would increase.

His chest is still hurting.  Please pray.

For what it's worth, I've tried Feed My Inbox for a few weeks now.  It works pretty awesome.  It will email you once a day with updates from the blog.  So if you're more of an email checker than web surfer, this might be handy for you.

In short, home tomorrow and then back on Thursday for a big dose of Red Punch (doxorubicin and cisplatin).