If you still want to give blood for Blake, just head down to LifeStream and by giving them his name, the blood will be in his honor.  I chatted with Maryanna, the coordinator.  She said this is the best route.  She also said that they were VERY pleased with the turnout and that the volunteers were fantastic.  She said she wished she had more coordinators like Catrina!  You can give a "directed donation" to Blake.  But then you need to have A+ blood (like him) and there is a fee.  Also, since there are no current blood orders for Blake right now, the donation might expire before he can use it.  

We ordered more of the silicon "Pray for Blake" bracelets today.  Many thanks to Stefani and David for the first order.  They'll be here in a week.  Let us know if you've been wanting one.

Finally, Blake's youth pastor said he'd shave his head if there were more than 100 pints donated.  That was exceeded by a lot!  So here are some fun pics from Sunday.