Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

We saw both doctors today.  And got the best possible news all the way around.  Dr. Bedros (the oncologist) was very pleased.  Dr. Zuckerman was also very pleased.  Everything is healing well and all is in proper alignment.  Dr. Bedros said "You really couldn't ask for better news."!  He described 95% kill rate as "very, very good." A few details:

  • No weight-bearing on his leg for a while.
  • Chemo will probably start again early next week.
  • The small lump in his lung is of no concern.  They will monitor it, but they are not concerned.
  • Pray that the chemo does not cause the skin graft to unattach.
  • Blake will stay on his original chemo roadmap.  That means 12 more treatments over 18 weeks.  Each treatment has been a 5 or 6 day hospital stay.

We are thrilled and thankful.  Our doctors are amazing.  

Praise God!