Prayer, tests and schedule

Well, Blake got some nasty mouth sores from the chemo.  He has  sores lining both sides of his tongue.  Its very painful.  We're hoping that the sores will fade this weekend and Blake can get back to eating and enjoying time at home.  Please pray.

When we head back to the hospital on Thursday, Blake will get a full round of testing.  That means chest CT, full body bone scan and an MRI with contrast.  Fortunately, his port allows all the extra dyes to be added without extra shots, so that's a happy thing.  Blake will also be getting chemo on Thursday.  Given that all these tests come back clean, here's the plan:

  • Yellow-Yellow-Red (3 consecutive Thursdays:  Sept. 13, 20, 27)
  • One Thursday off (Oct. 4)
  • Yellow-Yellow-Red (Oct. 11, 18, 25)
  • One Thursday off (Nov 1)
  • Yellow-yellow (Nov 8, 15)

And then done.  That last dose will be just in time (we hope!) to arrive home for a very thankful Thanksgiving.

The next round of testing would be in December.  A 3-month check-up for a year or more.