Summer scans

Blake had his 6-month scans the first week of June. He saw his orthopedist and a new oncologist. No more pediatric oncology for him. So we met Dr. Ma. Seems like a great guy. We got good news from all scans around June 7th and got to enjoy Victoria's graduation shortly thereafter.

Then around June 15th, Blake's orthopedist called and requested an extra scan. He said there was a concern in the radiologist's report that he did not have in time for Blake's appointment. He requested an MRI of Blake's left knee right away.

This was clearly concerning, but I'll keep the story short. Due to various vacation plans it took a full 6 weeks to get the scan and the results. Turns out there was nothing to be concerned about. Blake's knee has some special kind of scarring from the chemo, steroids, lack of motion, etc... Fortunately, there should be no effects from the this condition. It was definitely a bit of a grey cloud in the back of our minds this summer. So it feels great to be able relax and celebrate. Six month scans are scheduled for December.

Cal Arts will resume in mid-September and Blake will return on the 8th. He's excited to go back and his fall schedule looks fantastic. He's been busy with various fun projects. I've put one below. You can always see more of his work at Thanks so much for you support and prayers.