Room with a view

Well, we finished the last round of Red Punch! Two to go. We were in the same room as the room we started. I took a picture of the view from the room and of Blake in our room.

We arrived on Thursday and Blake had a small cough. By Friday morning, he felt much worse and was coughing quite a bit. So they moved his roommate and turned his room into an isolation room. Good news: lots of space and freedom. Downside: the nurses come visit a bare minimum because they have to put on a gown, mask and gloves and we wore a mask the whole time.  Pretty much half the floor had a similar cold and soon there were as many isolation rooms as not.

Also, Blake's right knee started hurting on Friday. We're still not sure what's going on there. If he had a tumor, it would have been found long ago. He had pain in this knee a few months before his diagnosis.  My guess is that he aggravated it during physical therapy.

Much to our surprise, they were willing to start chemo on Saturday afternoon. He got his chemo from 6pm to 2am on Saturday and Sunday nights. On Monday they gave him one last dose of IV antibiotics and sent us home.

They want this cold and cough to heal completely before his next chemo. We have a clinic appointment for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. His last two rounds are the Yellow Slime.  That usually six days for each, so hopefully only 12 more days! We're really hoping to finish before Christmas.