Another week

Blake went to the doctor on Tuesday and his blood was not ready for chemo. His immunities were too low and his hemoglobin also very low. We were expecting the latter, because when his hemoglobin is low, he has very little energy. In fact, a couple of times, he's felt like he was going to black out. He chose to sleep downstairs rather than risk the stairs on Tuesday night.

His doctor had him come to the outpatient clinic for a blood transfusion on Wednesday morning. Before he made it to the clinic, he blacked out. Fortunately Jen was right there and could help him sit down and he didn't get hurt. With some help, Jen got him to clinic safely. The doctor saw him and said that the blood should help. He was feeling a lot better on Wednesday night after the transfusion.

The doctor wants to see him on Tuesday. He will hopefully go from that appointment to check-in for chemo #17, his second to last treatment.