1 to go!

Tuesday night we checked in at 8pm. At 6pm on Wednesday they gave chemo #17. It will probably take until Monday to clear.  One to go. Blake's counts are high and the doctor thinks we can get the last dose in next week! Maybe Wednesday?

Physical therapy continues to go great. Blake now walks with a four-pronged cane (just like Mr. Frederickson's!? Should we put the tennis balls on? We'll have to ask!).

On Friday night we all went down to the second floor for Grandma and niece Emmy's birthdays. There's a lobby on the second floor that is usually fairly empty. We had a good time with some tasty Italian from Alfredo's.

We're not totally clear on the timing of the next steps. Blake is due for another round of tests. It sounds like those might happen after Christmas. Given that those are clear, he would see his doctor once a month and get re-scanned every three months. With this type of cancer, 18 months of clear scans mean that the probability of recurrence drops to almost zero.

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