Weekend fun and tech suggestions

Blake's had a great weekend.  He's felt pretty good with minimal nausea.  He helped his robotic team pack up their robot for World Championships, saw some friends and went to church.  We had a banana pancake morning on Saturday and have enjoyed each other and our friends.

Someone asked me if there was a way to get notifications when this website gets updated.  I found one solution called Feed My Inbox.  This will send an update to your email when something new is posted.  I'm not familiar with this service, but it seems like a good thing.

Another option is to seriously increase your geek cred by using a RSS feed agregator.  Google Reader (help video) is the general favorite.  By using it, you could keep track of all sorts of websites.  I use it for everything from Laker news to updates from some of my favorite authors.

Thanks to God for a great weekend!