Surgery success

The surgery went great. The doctor had to perform a small skin graft at the biopsy site. He inserted a rod and a cadaver bone. As the connection between the new bone and ankle is fairly small, he will probably need six weeks of non-weight bearing before the bone will attach. They gave him a nerve block, so his leg will be numb for about a day. The pathologist checks the ends of the tumor to make sure that that the surgeon removed all the tumor. The ends were cancer-free, so that assures the surgeon that he removed it all.
We'll receive a full pathology report on the tumor in a week. That will tell us if the chemo was working.
The surgery was 7 hours. Our good friend Gary is a LLU anesthesiologist and checked in for us a couple of times! Between Gary's help and LLU's pager system, we got numerous updates that things were progressing well. Thanks Gary!