a small delay

The floor was booked on Thursday, so we didn't get in until 7pm.  Chemo hung on Friday (Yellow Slime) just before noon.  It is clearing ok, but it is looking unlikely that he will be ready to go home until Wednesday.  If that's the case, they will probably just keep him on the floor and start the next dose (Red Punch).

The test results came back fine.  His bone scan is clean and his lung nodule maybe (measurement error?) grew by a millimeter.  They continue to think that his lung nodule is a pre-existing bit of scar tissue.  But the Tumor Board will discuss it to make sure.  

The orthopedist ordered another X-ray and will probably report sometime soon if he can walk yet.  I took a picture of his legs side-by-side so you can see what happens if you don't use a muscle for six months!