Hey folks! Jen and I are both itching to type up some of our thoughts and emotions as we've traveled this path. Hopefully some of those posts will be coming soon.  Here's a bit of info for the present.

  • On Friday, Blake got all his scans done again. This Thursday, we'll hear what the doctor thinks about them. Hopefully we are cancer free and will be on a monthly check-up with a three month scan schedule.
  • The joint pain went away. The doctor thought it was the steroids. Maybe. He was quite mystified actually and said that this wasn't a typical post-chemo reaction. He said to get a massage, which our great friend Shawn Baker provided. Since last Saturday, he's been off pain meds. His stamina is growing.

So in a hopefully not premature celebration, we are headed to Disneyland today. Jennifer's family all joined in and we're all getting annual passes. We hope and pray that we'll have a fantastic 2013 with no cancer and lots of Disneyland. That would be quite a change.