2 trips

Blake saw his orthopedic surgeon recently. Dr. Zuckerman, for the the very first time, was encouraged by the fusing that he saw at the top of the bone graft. This is awesome news. Also, the doctor was very reassuring that the pains and the ups and the downs that Blake is experiencing are very normal for this type of procedure. That was good to hear. 

Next weekend we're off to Northern California for a few days. Jen, Blake and I will fly up on Saturday. We have many exciting plans. Blake is going to visit an art school and will get to see Jen's cousin's graphic art offices. Blake will spend some time with an origami artist he met at the convention named Bernie. Bernie has a grant to develop origami for pediatric hospitals. Bernie wants Blake to work with him on the grant (for obvious reasons!), so they will have some time together on this trip. 

Oh. And Bernie knows a Pixar guy. So we're getting a Pixar tour!!! :-) 

After this trip, we're headed to LLU for scans. Dr. Bedros is scanning the usual. Plus he's checking Blake's cardiac and kidney functions. Scan week is always nerve-racking. 

Your prayers appreciated!