Heart Matters

We saw Dr. Marais today. Overall, he was positive. He would like Blake to stay on a half-dose of the beta-blocker. If his stamina doesn't improve after a while, we'll talk again. But he'd like him to be on one. He switched to a half-dose on Tuesday night and his stamina has picked up. 

They did an echo. Blake's ejection fraction was either slightly below normal or just at normal. They also did the echo to see if their was fluid around his heart and lung from the surgery. Sure enough, there was. It causes Blake to have a small cough. Dr. Marais said he thinks the fluid will probably go away on its own, but that everyone is different. He said it's a common side-effect from surgery.  

He wants to see Blake in 6 weeks. Prayers for on-going stamina and strength so appreciated.