A loose screw

The orthopedic surgeon has been talking about this for a long time. It has finally come to pass. The surgeon wants to remove a screw from the work he did on Blake's leg. Here's the scoop.

The cadaver bone and Blake's bone are supposed to graft together. On the bottom, near the ankle, this has happened. The top has not. There are two screws at the top. They are designed so that one allows for some movement and the other stops all movement. The screw that stops all movement will be removed. The compression that will happen after this screw is removed will encourage grafting. Apparently this is not an unusual necessity. The procedure will be out-patient and will be on Wednesday. The incision will be small, and the location does not require much depth, so we hope that the pain management and recovery will be a few short days.

Blake has been going to physical therapy two or three times a week. He works with a variety of different therapists, some of whom put him through quite a work out. Blake has graduated to an elliptical machine and often comes home exhausted! He rarely uses both crutches anymore. He uses his cane (kindly and beautifully made by our neighbor Brian) around the house and on most outings. Sometimes around the house he doesn't use anything at all!

So the journey continues and we thank you for your prayers, as always.