Two steps back

Surgery went fine and quick. We were at the hospital at 7am and home by 11am. That's faster than a doctor's visit! The incision is very small and it appears to have no stitches that will need to be removed--just glue. (and maybe some internal, dissolvable stitches, but we're not sure).

Blake's leg is now more painful to put weight on. He's back to two crutches and is a bit bummed about that. It seems that as his bone and cadaver bone compress together, it will take some time before he will be able to tolerate the same level of pressure that he had worked up to. However, we see increased strength every day. You can be praying that his strength comes back quickly and that his bones will fuse together. Once that happens, the surgeon assures us he will be able to be very normal in his activities.

Here are a few pictures of recent months, just for fun!