On Friday afternoon, Devin shared the pathology news with us. He described it as "the best bad news". The lung nodule did turn out to be osteosarcoma. This is surprising for numerous reasons. Dr. Bedros had always said that if this nodule was the same cancer as the one in his bone, it would have dissolved away. But it clearly didn't.  

The good news is that the lump is OUT and it does not appear to have spread in any way. Devin decided to remove the entire lower lobe. The pathologist tested various parts of the lobe and it was examined for other lumps, all sent to USC. Everything else is clear. Devin also removed 5 surrounding lymph nodes. They are clear. 

When I talked to Dr. Bedros on the phone, he said "It sounds more like a little bump in the road than a big hole." He also said that it was very good news that the chest CT that was taken prior to surgery is clear (except for the one nodule). He didn't want to guess and make false promises, so he is getting the information and having his pathologist evaluate it all. We will meet with him in two weeks. 

So in short, we are uncertain what the future holds (are we ever certain?). We are hopeful that this is the end. We pray that this was the last bit of osteosarcoma and that all future scans will be clear. As always, we value your thoughts and prayers.