2 weeks

We saw Dr. Bedros today and heard what we pretty much expected. They will scan Blake in 2 weeks. Full-body bone scan, chest CT and brain MRI. The brain part is new. Apparently it is possible that if cells broke loose from the lung nodule, they might travel to Blake's brain.  Dr. Bedros was positive overall and was pleased that Dr. Mudge removed the entire lobe and that all other checked areas were clear.

If the scans are clear, we will resume the normal 3-month scan schedule.  

Blake's pain from the thoracotomy continues to decrease. He's far from pain-free, but his use of pain medication continues to decline. 

Prayer that we could get the scans before  school starts (August 14) appreciated. And obviously for clear scans. That pesky tumor was there for 14 months and didn't spread. Hopefully it doesn't spread now.