2 years

This week is the two year anniversary of Blake's diagnosis. We are so grateful as we look back at this journey and see all the many good ways God has taken care of us.

A few updates.

  • Blake got the best orthopedic update we've had yet. The cadaver bone has finally started fusing with the top of his tibia. His doctor told him to start running and jumping at physical therapy!
  • We went north and visited California College of the Arts. Blake has been accepted there and also received a sizable scholarship. Blake enjoyed the visit. We also had all sorts of San Francisco fun. Our visit to Golden Gate Park included our first family hike in two years! Blake climbed up to the top of Strawberry Hill in the middle of Stow Lake.
  • Blake is on a VERY short wait-list for Cal Arts. This is the top animation school in the country and is fairly close to us in Santa Clarita. Being on a wait-list is a bit nerve wracking.
Your prayers for clear scans (May), stamina (still improving) and college wisdom are much appreciated.