Surgery day

Today was the biopsy.  In short, it went well and now we wait.  It will take 3 to 5 business days to find out if it is an infection or some form of cancer.

Blake was in pain in the morning, as he stopped taking pain pills at midnight and the procedure wasn't until 11am.  And he was in pain immediately after the procedure.  The pain meds that he was on initially seemed to agree with him, so the doctor gave another round of those at a higher dosage.  Please pray that we can find the right rhythm and amount and that his pain can be controlled.  He is sleeping soundly this afternoon, which is great.  When he wakes up, we'll start medicating and see how it goes.

Dr. Zuckerman did want us to set up an appointment with an oncologist for next week.  That way if we do get a cancer diagnosis, things are already in place and ready to go.

Thanks for the many prayers and support.  Feel free to use the comments or email.